Semalt: How To Protect Your Online Business From The Harm Inflicted By Botnets

A botnet is an internet-connected device, which runs on one or more bots and can damage your computer device within hours. Botnets are widely used for performing distributed denial-of-service attacks, stealing data and sending spam messages. Ross Barber, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, warns that these let the hackers access your devices and compromise your personal files.

Zombie computers are the devices that are controlled by hackers. They either steal your data or halt your system by sending spam emails in a great number. A zombie computer is just like traditional Trojan horses; the only difference is that they don't install keyloggers and steal your data until you have clicked on the specific links. Zombies work in collaboration with other zombies and compromise your files and personal data which is also a form of botnet. Botnets, thus, attack multiple computer devices, send spam and phishing emails, and are involved in ransomware.

The abilities that botnets have

If you have been using the internet for years, you are probably familiar with mIRC. It is a popular and one of the best chat programs that were using a large number of botnets, just like other chat and text messaging tools. However, a large number of botnets are created for attacking purposes only. The hackers begin the process by sending out spam emails. If a botnet enters your computer device, it could harm your sensitive data and files. If you are looking to buy a botnet, it may cost you something around $800 or even more than that. We don't recommend you to launch distributed denials of service attacks on your websites. The hackers send it to your system, and you might have to struggle to stay safe on the internet. Most of the attackers commit advertising frauds. This is because computer devices all over the world generate lots of fake clicks on advertisements. It helps the spammers and hackers to earn a lot on the internet. Most recently, the Simda botnet affected thousands of computers in more than 150 countries worldwide including America, England, Canada, and others.

How cyber criminals create and grow botnets

It is not tough for the hackers to set up and expand their botnets. In fact, most of them know different tricks and techniques to attract people to their malware and viruses. They begin this process by sending spam emails with infected attachments. They executed specific codes on your computers and tried to lure you into drive-by downloads. Once executed, their malicious codes use your personal information to take control of the device. Your computer will be halt, and you can perform a variety of functions. The hackers who operate and manage the botnets are likely to sell them on the internet.

How to prevent your computer from becoming part of a botnet?

It is very easy to prevent your devices from becoming part of botnets. For this, you would have to keep in mind a few basic things. You should never click on suspicious links and email attachments even when they look like legitimate. It is also important that you don't download or install something from non-legitimate and unknown sources. If you need good antivirus programs or antispyware software, you should download them from the top tech websites only. Last but not the least you should keep your software and tools updated to stay safe on the internet.

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